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Pet Grooming in Floresville, Texas

Give your 4-legged little friend the care and attention they deserve at Preppy Puppy, your source for affordable pet grooming and boarding services in Floresville, Texas. Backed by years of grooming experience, we take great care of our clients' needs as well as the needs of their owners.

Special Offer, Pet Grooming in Floresville, TX


From clipping your cat's claws to bathing your dog, we do it all. Doesn't your furry friend deserve the best? Call us today to schedule an exclusive pet grooming appointment and let us baby your baby. We specialize in:

• Guinea Pigs • Birds • Rabbits • Dogs • Cats

Pet Care
Our climate-controlled indoor and outdoor kennels are perfect for all types of animals, big or small. Better still, we offer house sitting services for your ultimate convenience.


Interested in starting a career in grooming? Want some advice as to how to care for your pet's personal hygiene? Preppy Puppy has you covered. We offer exclusive grooming classes for pet owners and professionals alike.

A Different Kind of Pet Salon
Preppy Puppy provides show-quality grooming at everyday pet grooming prices. We don't just hold down your pet and groom it. We are professionals and understand the proper way to handle your pet. At our pet salon, it's all about your pet. We care for your animal as if it were our own and are recommended by all 4 veterinarians in town.

Contact us at (830) 393-2216 for more information about our pet grooming and boarding services.


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Certified Nursing Assistant | Master Pet Groomer Certified in the State of Texas